—————————EP & ALBUM————————-

May 2008

“Un camino escondido” EP

(“A hidden path” EP)


October 2008

“Un mapa del alma” CD

(“A map of the soul” CD)

(Foehn Records)


December 2012

“Pequeño Almanaque Espacial” CD

(“Little Outer Space Almanac” CD)

(Foehn Records)


February 2006

B_Top (Various Artists)



April 2009

Chill Out Sessions vol.7 (Various Artists)

(Blanco y Negro Records)


April 2009

Guitarra Chill Out vol.4 (Various Artists)

(Blanco y Negro Records)


May 2009

LiveSoundtracks by Emilii Records

(Various Artists)


June 2009

Electronic Music from Catalonia ’09

(Various Artists)



Barcelona Sonar 2010 (Various Artists)

Matador magazine, Barcelona special issue


November 2010

Foehn compilation (Various Artists)

RDL magazine nº289


March 2011

10th Foehn Anniversary  (Various Artists)

Go! magazine nº119