Under the name of Lucius Works Here, Shakira Benavides hides, personality of the Barcelona underground scene that stands out since 1992 for her work in the collector store Wah Wah Discos as spiritual co-founder, and her sessions as DJ Shak for more than two decades in countless clubs and festivals in the city, with her own radio programs on Radio Contrabanda, Dostrece Radio, Radio Sarrià and, as co-founder and musical contents manager on ItacaFM, and TV incursions with the “Plan B” program for BTV, in 2018 she founded TeslaFM, her own radio station.

Years ago, her life had already been linked to music. At the age of 15, she set up a group where she would be the vocalist and composer of the lyrics. At the end of the 90s she would flirt with electronic production, but it was not until 2004 that she definitively consolidated her intention with the Lucius Works Here project. Also, in 2004, she was commissioned to make the soundtrack and sound design of the play “Medea, La Stravaganza” by Carlos Concha. In Spring of 2005 she is interviewed in the virtual magazine Acetone Magazine and where she somehow reveals her project, fact that pushes her to give her first live at the anniversary party of the same magazine the following year in Saladestar.

Since 2005, it has been included in several compilation CDs, played at festivals and venues in Barcelona, Madrid, Santander and Tarragona, has participated in jam sessions of laptops and experimentation such as Jam Sónicas, has created a short-lived project called Lazy Daisies Ladies formed together with Io Casino, and has recorded Un Camino Escondido (CD Ep 2008) the albums A Map of the Soul (Foehn Records, 2008), Small Space Almanac (Foehn Records, 2013) and Frozed in Time (Sang Records, 2018) . In 2018 also she created a musical alter ego, Johannes de Silentio, where she plays an immersive sound of drone ambient and noise.